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Dyson Case Study: Irving Independent School District

Irving Independent School District Dyson Products Case Study

Kelly Horn,
Director of Facilities

Irving?s Independent School District comprises 45 campuses serving most of the city of Irving, near Dallas. From a young age, its students are encouraged to be green and the schools are also taking initiatives to lower their carbon footprints.

?Part of this involved looking at paper towel usage and what to do with them afterwards,? explains Kelly Horn, Director of Facilities. ?But we figured let?s not even create the waste in the first place.? Kelly first used the Dyson Airblade? hand dryer at a baseball game. ?I washed my hands and tried it out. Straight away I could see the potential for it at our schools.?

Kelly contacted Dyson to see how they could be installed. ?It solved a lot of problems for us. First, no more paper towels in landfill. Second, like a lot of schools, vandalism is an issue. We had kids setting fire to paper towels in waste containers and even in the dispensers. Now there?s no more paper and no more fires.?

?Being an engineer, I?m fascinated with how it works. The first time I used it, I went back to the restroom many times just to wash my hands and use it again. So far, we?ve been really impressed with the technology ? and the kids really enjoy using them.?