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Dyson Case Study: Elkin City Schools

Dyson Case Study Elkin City Schools

Ron Mack,
Director of Maintenance

Situated in the rolling foothills of North Carolina?s Blue Ridge Mountains, Elkin City Schools is a school district located in the town of Elkin. The district serves over 1,000 students in its three schools: Elkin Elementary School, Elkin Middle School, and Elkin High School.

The Challenge

Elkin High School was not happy with their old traditional hand dryers. Teachers continually complained that students would linger in the bathrooms, and use the excuse that they were delayed because the hand dryer took a long time to dry their hands.

Further, Elkin City Schools found that the traditional hand dryers were not reliable, Ron Mack, Director of Maintenance, commented, ?Our old hand dryers had a heating element, and one had even begun to smoke and catch on fire as a student was trying to use.?

The Solution

Mack was tasked with not only finding a dependable solution, but also one that students couldn?t exploit as excuse for loitering in the bathrooms. At the North Carolina Public School Maintenance Association Convention, Mack learned about the Dyson Airblade? hand dryers and requested a demonstration. During the demonstration of the Airblade? technology, Mack was impressed with its power and durability. Mack and Principal Mark Byrd decided to replace the traditional hand dryers with the Dyson Airblade? machines in Elkin High School.

The Results

Eleven Dyson Airblade? machines were installed in the main building of the Elkin High School. The Dyson Airblade? dryers have been well received by both staff and students. Mack observed that, ?students are fascinated by the power of Airblade? technology.? Further, Mack remarked, ?students no longer have a valid excuse for lingering in the restrooms and get back to class in a timely manner ? making teachers much happier.?

Elkin City Schools plans to continue to roll out the Dyson Airblade? machines throughout their school district.