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Dyson Case Study: Edgewood Independent Schools

Edgewood Independent School - Dyson Case Study

James White,
Coordinator of Physical Plant Services at Edgewood Independent School District (EISD)

Bordering downtown San Antonio, Edgewood Independent School District (EISD) consists of 22 inner-city schools with almost 12,000 students. Vandalism of school property and restrooms is a recurring issue for the Edgewood.

Historically, 92.6% of its students are economically disadvantaged.1

The Challenge

Vandalism of school property is an unfortunate, but recurring issue for the Edgewood Independent School District (EISD) with restrooms being a main target. James White, the EISD Coordinator of Physical Plant Services, explains, ?Hand dryers and paper towel dispensers are constantly broken with missing buttons or completely disassembled from the wall by students. Paper towels are stuffed down toilets and drains, sometimes entire rolls, causing water to overflow and flood the bathrooms.? This creates endless headaches for custodial staff working to maintain clean facilities. Restocking paper towels, hiring plumbers for clogged toilets, and replacing hand dryers also became costly for the school district.

The Solution

White determined that removing paper towels from the restrooms would only solve half the issue. The district needed hand dryers that would withstand vandalism and a high volume of use. White learned about the durability of the Dyson Airblade? hand dryer, which is repeatedly tested for resilience and the pressures of high-usage. To test the Dyson Airblade? hand dryer, White installed the AB02 model in a boys? restroom in the E.T. Wrenn Middle School for a six-month trial.2 He was shocked to see the machine endured and continued to function normally at the end of the trial.

The Results

White purchased eight units to install in the elementary and middle schools and plans to purchase more once funding allows. ?When I tell people I purchased Dyson Airblade? hand dryers, the response is usually how can you afford them? I reply, how can you afford not to? We needed a hand dryer that was robust and could tolerate high levels of use and abuse,? concluded White.

1 Source: Texas Education Agency. http://www.tea.state.tx.us

2 Dyson Airblade? hand dyers were contributed as part of the Edgewood School District trial evaluation.